Consultation Tracker LPE

Consultation Tracker LPE (Land Parcel Edition) tracks stakeholder engagement by land parcel which facilitates easier planning and decision making for proposed developments through its integrated mapping component. Ideal for pipeline and utility companies consulting on proposed route developments. Consultation Tracker LPE has all of the great features of the standard version, and additionally offers:

User Experience

Facilitate Consultation by Land Parcel

Consultation Tracker LPE manages all stakeholder contact information, communication history, commitments and tasks all by land parcel. This location-based approach to stakeholder engagement makes tracking consultation a breeze especially for projects with multiple people or entities associated with a piece of land. All of the complexity surrounding land ownership and representation has been engineered into the database foundation.

Maps, Maps, Maps

In addition to the integrated map viewer, users can generate standardized maps based on user-defined templates. The included Spatial Viewer provides a powerful solution for managing geospatial data. Spatial Viewer empowers users with an easy-to-use interface for interacting with their spatial data.

User Experience
User Experience

More Reports

Even more standardized reports are available with built in geoprocessing and spatial filtering abilities.

Generate Stakeholder Contact Lists Spatially

Upload different route or disposition options and create stakeholder contract lists based upon proximity to the development.

User Experience
User Experience

Web-Based Collaboration

Consultation Tracker provides desktop-like appearance and functionality over the web without any cumbersome desktop software required! Consultation Tracker uses a SaaS approach and users can access the system 24/7 via the Internet and a major web browser. Collaboration is easy between teams in the office, the field or on the road.

Manage Responsibilities and Commitments

Consultation Tracker maintains follow-up commitments with stakeholders and quickly maps stakeholder issues for planning.

User Experience
User Experience

Security First

All users are given a unique login and password to the 256-bit encrypted system. Secure audit trails operate behind the scenes and can be exported if required.

Customizable to Fit Your Business

Consultation Tracker is available as a turn-key solution. However, Silvacom has a flexible approach to fitting our services to your needs allowing for company-specific customization. Whether it is customized data fields, reports or functionality, we can accommodate your company’s business process to ensure an easy transition.

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Key Features

  • Software as a ServiceSoftware as a Service (SaaS)
    • Cloud-based computing (Software as a Service)
    • No software purchase required
    • No IT infrastructure to support/maintain
  • Track Communication Track Communications
    • Search and filter consultation records
    • Quickly add attachments to records
  • Centralized ContactsCentralize Contacts
    • Organize contacts in a centralized and secure web database
  • Mail MergeMail Merge
    • Generate labels ready for use with standard label products (such as Avery) using report criteria
  • Task TrackingTask Tracking
    • Enhanced task tracking allows you to:
      • Create tasks (stand-alone or linked to a communication)
      • Assign tasks to yourself, another person or department
      • Set due dates and reminder emails
      • Set a task’s status and other options
  • Event AlarmEvent Alarm
    • Set follow-up targets and keep on track with automated system reminders
  • Map Driven Map (Spatial) Driven
    • Communication records are connected to land parcels
    • Integrated map viewer allows users to view approval statuses, add routes or disposition plans, create maps and more!
  • Create Reports Create Reports
    • Numerous reports to fulfill organization and regulatory agency reporting requirements
    • Custom report templates
      • Silvacom can create report templates to fit custom requirements
  • Document ManagementDocument Management
    • Stores files as attachments such as:
      • Documents
      • Pictures
      • Forms
      • Maps
      • Etc.
  • Secure Audit TrailSecure Audit Trail
    • Third party secure audit trail works automatically behind the scenes to provide information on change history (if required)
  • Batch CommunicationsBatch Communications
    • Apply single a communications entry to multiple contacts
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