Why Choose Consultation Tracker?

Consultation Tracker is used by organizations across North America because its simple, user friendly design fits company workflows.

Here’s what really sets Consultation Tracker apart:

User Experience

Great User Experience

Consultation Tracker has a simple, friendly user interface that helps create a great user experience. Silvacom has a dedicated design team that focuses on creating software that’s easy to understand and even fun to use.

Map Based Consultation

Consultation Tracker has an optional map-based component that allows users to track stakeholder engagement spatially, identifying locations, visualizing statuses and company operations data, and can even create maps to share.

Map Based Consultation
Web Based

Web Based

Web-based means you have access to your information from anywhere, anytime. Centralized records, contacts, reports and other data help location diverse teams collaborate with ease and consistency. No more fighting with fragmented spreadsheets!

Customized to Meet Your Needs

Consultation Tracker comes in two versions to provide clients with the stakeholder engagement solution that fits their workflow:

  • Consultation Tracker Standard has an open workflow that enables users to track stakeholder consultation freely, tagging records with project, area and stakeholder information as required. Perfect for small to medium sized departments or for call centre type operations.
  • Consultation Tracker LPE tracks stakeholder engagement by land parcel which facilitates easier planning and decision making with its integrated mapping component. This solution is ideal for pipeline and utility companies consulting on proposed route developments.

In addition, Consultation Tracker can be customized to fit business requirements, whether it’s creating new forms and data fields or custom reports.

Customized to Meet your Needs
Seeing is believing.
Consultation Tracker Screens